Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines, an annexure to the Rules of Conduct.

Should you wish to make any changes to the exterior of your unit i.e. putting up fences or gates, laying paving, enclosing patios, or you wish to affix anything that can be seen, like burglar bars, air-conditioners, security gates etc. you need to apply to do so, in writing.

All such applications must be accompanied by detailed diagrams, sketches or photographs for consideration. All applications will be reviewed at the next Architectural Review Committee meeting. This Committee meets regularly to ensure minimum delays for approvals. You will receive notification of their decision in writing from the estate manager.

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Some approvals may require the submissions to be referred to the full board of trustees, in which case it may take longer to approve. All declined submissions will be motivated, and approved submissions will outline the conditions. Also refer to the Rules of Conduct for further guidelines around the process. Some regular questions:

Q: I want to install air conditioning. Do I need permission for this?
A: Yes. The units on the outside may not be visible, and should be placed discreetly – each house will be assessed separately. If the units do not fit in the dry yard, it must be placed in a position approved by the Committee and will require to be fitted with an approved aluminium / wooden screen.

Q: I want to install a fireplace. Do I have to get the trustees permission?
A: If the fireplace is flueless (the “no-vent” type), and there will be no extension on the outside of the property, no permission is required. If, however, some sort of chimney will be required, trustees approval is required to ensure that it conforms to the Architectural Guidelines.

Q: I want to install a security gate and burglar bars. Do I need to get the trustees permission?
A: Yes. There is an approved style security gate, for installation on the outside of the property. If the security gate is installed on the inside, it must be either charcoal (the same as the window frames) or white. Burglar bars may only be installed on the inside, and must be either charcoal or white.

Q: I want to landscape my plot. Surely I do not need trustees’ approval?
A: Yes, trustees’ approval is required. The reason for this is that you do not actually own the plot, it is owned by all the owners in the estate, you simply have exclusive use thereof. The trustees will need to assess the landscaping. No area may be raised above natural ground level, plants should be from the recommended plant-list, and the general appearance should be in line with that of the estate. This includes pathways.

Q: I want to install a fence. What options do I have?
A: This must be approved by the trustees and only steel palisade fencing will be permitted where required to restrict either pets or children. The applicant will be required to obtain certification of the E.U.A. boundary-lines from the Estate Land Surveyors and all costs are for his account. The fence may be no higher than 1.5m for NGL, with vertical bars set between 50mm and 100mm apart, will be allowed around properties but no closer forward than the back of the garage from street view. An access gate must be installed. Palisade fencing and gates must be galvanised and painted charcoal. Where the NGL is sloped, the fence must be installed in equal steps. Angled fences are not allowed. If installed on a patio, the design is slightly different, with a maximum height of 1 meter and a double horizontal bar at the top.

Q: I have mud around my house. Am I allowed to pave this area, or install a deck?
A: This must be approved by the trustees, who will assess the severity of the situation. In order to maintain the natural feel of the estate, paving is discouraged, but in severe cases grey or brown paving will be allowed. Approved “Balau” decking will be considered

Q: I want to enclose my patio. How can I do this?
A: This must be approved by the trustees. There are two ways this can be done. Firstly, temporary screens can be installed, either the approved style roll-up blinds, or folding/sliding doors. In the case of the latter, the enclosure of said patio may not exceed 80% of the existing “open area” to remain an exclusive use area. The patio may be fully enclosed, but only with the approval of the Architectural Committee and the Local Authority because in this case, the exclusive use patio will become part of the section / unit, which will affect the calculation of the levy, as the unit now accounts for a larger percentage quota (PQ) of the estate.