About the Estate

Kleinmeer is a Sectional Title Estate.
Sectional Title is a form of ownership where a number of people simultaneously own a piece of land on which dwellings are built, while each one of these people individually owns a section.
Sectional Title Schemes have both Management and Conduct rules that determine how the owner, his family, his staff, his visitors and tenants must or must not act.
Some people love rules and others absolutely abhor them, however they speak of order, certainty and knowing what to expect and what is expected of other residents and neighbours.
When it comes to Sectional Title, the cardinal rule is: If you do not like the rules, then do not buy or lease a unit in a scheme.
The rules are crucial, so ensure that you have studied them first and are comfortable with them.
Below follows a Sectional Title Checklist that you should ask your Estate or Rental Agent before purchasing or leasing and if they are not equipped to answer the questions, then contact any of our trustees for advice.
  1. What is sold/leased with the section – is there a garage, garden etc?
  2. The parking facilities : Will you have enough parking space for your own vehicles and are there enough visitors parking bays? Do you have an exclusive parking bay other than your garage or driveway?
  3. The Managing Agent : Are they reputable and credible?
  4. Security systems in the Estate : Is the Estate secure and are there intercom facilities? What does the security system consist of and are there monthly contributions?
  5. The policy regarding satellite TV and DSTV dishes.
  6. Ensure you get a copy of the Management & Conduct Rules.
  7. Establish what the pet policy is in the Estate.
  8. What is the monthly levy and what does it include?
  9. What is the policy with regard to Special levies?
  10. What is the liquidity of the Body Corporate and what is the extent of the surplus funds held in case of an emergency?
  11. Request a copy of the latest Insurance Policy.
In order to ensure the safety and security of all residents in Kleinmeer, the Trustees have approved a Board of Estate Agents, who have all agreed to and signed the Kleinmeer Estate Agents’ Guidelines.
Should you wish to sell or let your unit, you need to use one of them. Mel Neu.
Our Estate Manager, can be contacted on 021-5583566 to supply you with the relevant information.
The contact person regarding leasing at Fair Cape, our Managing Agent, is Samantha Whitehead ( samanthaw@faircape.co.za) and their telephone number is 021-8155700.

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