Club House
The club house is situated just left of the entrance and has a full kitchen, bar and an inside braai area. It’s the ideal venue for all those occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries etc. that you would wish to celebrate without having the problems associated with parking etc.

For reservations and availability please see the calendar on this page.

The fully equipped gym at Kleinmeer is situated within the facilities building.

Opening hours (subject to change) are 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Keys to the gym are obtainable from the security gate house.

A large play-pool can be found at the facilities building.

Tennis Court
Next to the facilities building is a  tennis court that may be booked for one hour play periods.

Booking and keys available at the Security Gatehouse.

Jogging Path
A 3.5km jogging path runs throughout the estate.