Security Update

As a follow up to my circular dated 9 September 2016 regarding the safety and security challenges that we face at Kleinmeer, I would like to inform you that these issues were deliberated and discussed in detail at our Trustee’s meeting held on 22 September. Together with consultation and inputs from our existing security contractor ADT; other security contractors/consultants as well as the Plattekloof Welgelegen Panorama Neighbourhood Watch, we have decided to implement the following security enhancements and trust that these interventions will contribute to improving both the perimeter security as well as the internal security protocols at Kleinmeer

Enhancing the perimeter security along Baronetcy Boulevard

1.      Following a detailed presentation on the effectiveness and costs of installing thermal cameras to monitor the Kleinmeer boundary along Baronetcy Boulevard, both the curve of the boundary and the high costs involved rendered this option both impractical and ineffective to address our immediate needs. The Trustees considered practical alternate strategies and decided to use natural “green” options to address this need. The option agreed upon involves clearing the boundary along Baronetcy Boulevard along the fence and the planting of approximately 660 Kei Apple trees along this boundary fence. These trees have large thorns and as they grow, over a period of twelve to twenty-four months, they will form a natural and impenetrable hedge that will then provide an additional layer of security in addition to the electric fence that has been recently expanded. Although the trees being planted are established plants, the area has to be cleared to reposition the irrigation pipes and unfortunately some areas may seem open and bare, however, where possible all existing trees will be retained in place and attractive ground cover and smaller plants will be planted in the remaining open areas that will soon grow into an aesthetic looking verge

2.      Having identified a weakness in the securing of the fence panels (bolts with heads) all of the palisade fence panel securing bolts have been replaced with shear-off bolts. This will now make it very difficult to remove these bolts and loosen the fence panels to gain entry. This initiative is currently in progress and is almost 80% complete.

3.      At the request of the PWP (Plattekloof Welgelen Panorama Neighbourhood Watch), we agreed to support the number plate recognition camera initiative in our Neighbourhood This project is supported by the Cape Town City Council and they have made an initial contribution of R130 000 towards the installation of these cameras. The Kleinmeer Body Corporate is approaching the Baronetcy Forum (comprising of all estates in the Baronetcy precinct) to support this initiative. In principle we have committed R5000 towards this initiative.

Security Protocols within our Estate

On a phased basis, the following security protocols will be implemented for all employees that work at our Estate

  1. Initially we will commence with security screening of all personnel that work on our Estate – this initiative will require the cooperation of all employers and owners on our Estate and will help to improve the overall level of safety

The following information will be required; recorded and maintained by the Estate:

    1. Copies of identity document
    1. Contact details – home address; contact numbers – cellphone number as well as details of their next of kin
  1. A photograph will be taken and kept for record purposes
    1. The initial focus will be on our external service providers I.e. garden services personnel; followed by the cleaners and then the domestic helpers
  1. More stringent measures and access control to manage the activities of external contractors e.g. builders; plumbers; etc will also be introduced in a structured manner.

A process of conducting polygraph tests for some of the external workers has already been arranged and will be completed during early October. This proactive step is being taken to identify and address any potential internal security breaches

We would like to thank you all for your patience; understanding and cooperation in ensuring that our processes relating to security enhancements and protocols are effectively implemented

NB: Please remember that although we live in a secure/gated Estate, please do not forget to take the basic precautions to ensure the safety and security of your person; family and property, therefore please safeguard all your valuable possessions;  lock your house doors and all windows…….and your car if parked outdoors….

Kind Regards

Roy Singh